Uptown Girl

Starlet Kush is a pure Kush plant with a deep Afghani heritage. She shimmers in vegetative state with with trichome production. This is the high end Kush the upper echelon like to keep on hand, hence the name "Starlet". Omuerta decided to bruise her image up a with a little bit of downtown boy, and pair her off with our Oakland PK stud "Oaktree" This is an F1 release we expect to throw many phenotypes but keep a very Indica profile. The Oaktree will strengthen up the Starlet's resistance to powdery mildew as well as increase the yield. Starlet Kush has a very light neutral taste and we expect this to get a Myrcene and Pinene kick as well.

  • THC / CBD       HIGH/LOW       

  • YIELD         HIGH             

  • SKILL       INTERMEDIATE           



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