Thousand Oaks


This is our second release of this strain, the first was named Strongarm and was also an F2 release. For this rerelease we chose a BEAST of a male and cloned our new Oaktree mother. This is one of my favorite strains of all time, and Purple Kush lover wants this strain... Any OG Kush lover wants this strain. Lineage is Gage Green Groups Oaktree, a limited 1000 pack drop for the first Cannabis cup in Denver Colorado.

True Oakland Purple Kush x The Joseph Og
In honor of the preservation of this great strain, we will release Thousand Oaks in the first quarter of 2017. Plants are hardy and resistant to almost anything. Strong fuel and myrcene terpenes the taste is half PK and half OG. This is a serious night time smoke ... a daywrecker.


  • THC / CBD: High / Low                

  • YIELD: High                       

  • SKILL: Beginner              

  • FLOWERTIME: 8-9 Weeks


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