Ronin is the second coming in the 'Banshee Blood' series and runner up to "Bushido".  While working on an upcoming release we call Ghostbreath, (Omuertas Ghostcut Mango X Gratefulbreath), timing just happened to overlap with the Oaktree male P1 run. A very large Ghostbreath plant was moved into the breeding room and our stud was shaken over top of the P2 donors and the result of the Oaktree x Ghostbreath, Ronin was born.  The same parental lines as Omuerta Genetix "Bushido" run through the blood of Ronin as well as new chain of DNA from the Gratefulbreath.  The wandering warrior Ronin.. Because you are the master of your own destiny.

  • THC / CBD:         HIGH / LOW              

  • YIELD:                 HIGH                       

  • SKILL:                 BEGINNER