Sativa Leaning Hybrid

Mangolopewas born after I had done ECLIPSE, we found in testing the Eclipse flowers with pain patients that almost all reported they were having beneficial effects. I believe, although not backed by a scientific lab report yet, that the Chocolope Kush has a very high CBD & CBN ratio.  We tried to recreate the effects of Eclipsebut hit a little stronger while giving off an amazing taste. The chocolope always had a menthol or garlic smell while the mango truly earns its name as the taste is reminiscent of a tropical open air fruit market.  The effects from Mangolope are soaring sativa like for about 20 minutes and then the backend kicks in and appetite is stimulated and pain is dulled. Mangolope is classed as evening medicine as it will let you get some things done before soothing you off into slumber.


  • THC / CBD: High / Medium   

  • YIELD: High             

  • SKILL: Beginner      

  • FLOWERTIME: 9 weeks


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