Bad hombres F1


 Bad Hombres is a Polyhybrid F1 series plant made up from our HSSHF2 male and a beautiful Grape Krush female from 'Above Top Shelf Genetics'.  Grape Krush is made up of a Grapestomper Backcrossed mother to a father in 'The Cube',an F4 Starfighter cubing project from Exotic Genetix. The Cube is known for its outrageous resin production and high THC content. It lends itself to imprinting the trait of tall conical branches with extremely frosty fan leaves. Almost a fine sandy coating of trichomes on every surface of these plants and the final product is GREAT for screening or sieving for Hashish production as the glands are extremely large and separate well from plant materials. 

 F1 plants will have a large phenotype spread with each seed taking on different level of dominance in each trait from each parent. Hunters love Polyhybrids as they are built on proven strains from breeders arsenals, that although different in characteristics often bind together with the final offspring making up the sum of both parts of the parental donors. This means seed hunters can find their own phenotypes, special to them and their gardens. As more seeds are grown out around the world and photos shared on social media platforms or in forums on the internet, these pheno's get named by their finders and their rarity or commonality found out.

 Bad Hombres will be a large plant and best flowered at mid-sized as well as topped a few times throughout the vegetative cycle. Keep enough room for stretch when entering flowering cycle as shoots will explode from the top to form flowering sites upon receiving drop in photo period. Flowers taste and smell of a fresh berry jelly or jam. Hints of sweet grapes and raspberries with a creamy hint of earthiness in the background.  Effects are bright and social with a warm inner self awareness. Energetic and long lasting, this Sativa hybrid makes housework and chores, nature walks with the dog or even grocery shopping and public errands a pleasure to complete. A true Sativa without the paranoia and racy high that can be too much for some with anxiety.

$70 USD Donation / Tracked Priority shipping included to USA & Canada

  *As always with any OGKB genetics, we recommend scuffing seeds with a fine grit sandpaper along the keel edge and pre-soak seeds until they germinate BEFORE planting. OGKB genetics are notoriously hard to crack open with a hard shell.

THC / CBD                                        HIGH / LOW        

YIELD                                                 Heavy    

SKILL                                                 BEGINNER 

FLOWERTIME                                    9 WEEKS

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