Where is the shopping cart?

Unfortunately, due to the Federal laws of the United states and other countries we ship seeds to, Several of the Internet Cart providers refuse to work with business's that openly Trade, sell or advertise Cannabis seed. Omuerta is PROUD to provide these seeds to those in need or want to collect our lineages. As always we do advise you to research your local laws for recreational or medical use before germination to avoid any unwanted problems in your future.

How do I order?

You can either hit that CONTACT button in the top toolbar or Email us directly at Info@WeBuildSoldierz.com. Here you can introduce yourself, ask us any questions 1 on 1 about any strains we offer or just to get information or grow tips. You will send us your selection, your mailing name and address. We will Email you back with payment options as well as answers to any questions you have proposed. Complete your order and we will send it out the NEXT business day (after donation received).

 Omuerta Genetix is VERY approachable. This is our passion as much as it is your passion, medicine and self sustainability. When you receive your Omuerta gear you are more than owner of seeds, you join the family of Soldierz dedicated to the husbandry and furthering of high caliber genetics. Together we will build a world wide army of growers that will bring up the new growers and keep everyone producing cycle after cycle.. Contact us and place your order today.

How do I donate for seeds?

Donation includes tracked shipping within the USA and Canada. We charge each order a flat fee for shipping so multiple packs save $10 each if bought together and shipped together. We will work with you to make our seeds obtainable in any country, in any state, in any province they are wanted or requested.  Omuerta Genetix will accept Pay-Pal donations as well as Western Union Transfer and Walmart Money Transfer (In the USA).  Unfortunately money orders & cash in the mail cause to much hassle with tracing, turn around time and international banking issues. To prevent any extra waiting time for your delivery as well as eliminating any risks of your donation going missing, Omuerta Genetix does not accept Money orders or cash in the mail and we strongly advise against sending money in any Federal mail system.

As always, we are grateful for your support & happy to serve you in any way we can.