drums of war ii F1


  Our second foray out, Omuerta Genetix took on a limited batch release as a personal project with a genotype of 'Diamonds & Dust'. D&D in itself was a limited end of season open air pollination involving all the male breeding plants and some special females in GGG's ownership at the time. These seeds came from specific tagged mothers but from an array of father pollen donors, making up a true mishmash of genotypes in one plant.  These plants were made to be one offs and not anything special to keep in your stable as a breeding plant.  The one we chose to breed as an experiment in learning smelled of sweet grapes and earth and fuel tones. Almost a grape flavored Afghani in looks, taste, effects and growth structure. 

 At the time Omuerta was doing the first work on refining the Oaktree strain into what is now known as 'Thousand Oaks'. We took some D&D clones and dropped them in the breeding tent to see what would happen and sent out the seeds for testing by real world growers in various environments and with varying amounts of skill. We tested them in house ourselves as well but due to spacial concerns, ultimately chose to move on to a more stable mother plant of another cultivar. Over the next year the results, comments and emails started to come back to us. We are very proud to say this experimental breeding had some great offspring that were grown out and quickly became a launching platform to ascend Omuerta Genetix higher in word of mouth circles online and around the session table.

  As previously stated, 'Drums Of War' was a kush tasting earthiness and fuel with a slightly sweet grape undertone. We decided to crack the last of our DOW seeds in April 2018 and hunt them for a male and female. Unfortunately we only found 2 females that stood out and decided to use the more compact structured of the two. To be a true backcross, we would have to use the parental pollen again from the same plant. That was impossible and so it was decided the next best thing would be to use our Quetzalcoatl F3 male to add to that grape as well as some fresh vigorous stomper DNA.

Released as Drums Of War II, in honor of the first 'Drums Of War' experimental seed drop; for all those who have asked about us bringing it back. Although we just couldn't provide the original DOW again, we hope you will accept the newer version as much as you did the old. It is almost a DEAD RINGER for the original DOW keeping that Afghani Hashish and earth taste mixed with a strong grape and an overlay of fuel. … I gotta say.. We’re getting pretty good at this!

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  • THC / CBD                                HIGH/ MEDIUM           

  • YIELD                                         HIGH       

  • SKILL                                         BEGINNER   

  • FLOWERTIME                            8-9 WEEK