Crosstown Traffic

Stone Free is named after the late Jimi Hendrix, and its lineage lends to Chemdawg D (underdawg cut) crossed to Sannies old world "Anesthesia". We decided to to really bring the spirit of Jimi back in a strain, we needed to bring it back to Oakland California and the San Francisco Bay areas. What was Jimi without Purple Haze and the L.A.strip? Oaktree is the real deal classic Oakland Purple Kush crossed with the Joseph Og. We have taken our stud Oaktree and crossed it with Stone Free, giving birth to "Crosstown Traffic". You will love trying to get to the other side of your garden with this traffic jam of flowers. Great for social daytime situations and depression.


THC / CBD     high/Low             

YIELD          average to high            

SKILL       Beginner           

FLOWERTIME 8-9 weeks


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