Cherries & limes F1


 Somethings come into existence by beautiful mistake or universal destiny. Whatever the reason for their coming to be, some are destined for greatness. As well, some will be forgotten and lost or prove to be unsuccessful in adaptation to their environments.

 Cherries & Limes is the result of an accidental pollination to our Ghostbreath clone run. After removing a large plant into quarantine and pollinating it with our Highschool Sweetheart F2 stud, the mother stayed out of the room for 48 hrs to let the pollen take. Usually a misting of water is sprayed upon the mother plants before replacing the mother back in the main flowering room. This time that step was skipped due to an oversight and as a result when the exhaust fans were turned back on, pollen was drawn off the mother and past the Ghostbreath's in flower seeding them in the process.

 The Ghostbreath is very high in limonene terpines and has long been a solid building block in-house for some of our best selling strains, Ronin & Bushido as well as its own stable F3 strain, The Ghostbreath.  The stray pollen is from our HSSHF2 stud which blends Cherry Pie Kush with Gratefulbreath making for a cherry cake tasting  flower after final cure. Effects of both strains start off as upbeat with a refreshing lift that soon plummets into a sedative body high. Both strains are above average in yield with the Ghostbreath being extremely easy for the beginner grower from germination to harvest. The extreme difference in flavor profiles between the 2 make for a potentially very unique polyhybrid F1 strain. The Ghostbreath is very hard to stress out or overfeed and does well in higher temperature rooms and under the sun as well as being resistant to mites. Our Ghostbreath female tested at 23% THC and our HSSHF2 tested just under at 20.49% THC. 

$70 USD Donation / Tracked Priority shipping included to USA & Canada

 *As always with any OGKB genetics, we recommend scuffing seeds with a fine grit sandpaper along the keel edge and pre-soak seeds until they germinate BEFORE planting. OGKB genetics are notoriously hard to crack open with a hard shell.

THC / CBD                                        HIGH/LOW             

YIELD                                                large          

SKILL                                                BEGINNER       

FLOWERTIME                                   9 WEEKS