Bushido F1


The first of the banshee blood collection from Omuerta. We held the worlds only Ghostcut mangopuff which is a double recessive for THC production. Slow growing and overall a bitter tart tasting flower however the Trichome production at even24 hrs of light was insane.

Out of 100 Mangopuff seeds this 1 came out looking opaque, like a snake ready to shed. It was weaker and slower then its brothers and sisters.... The runt. But it had this look about it that I wanted to see what it would do. To this day i have never had more compliments then I did on the Ghostcut. So when the opportunity came in the form of an outstanding limited edition strain male Oaktree was chosen to preserve the Oaktree strain (Strong Arm) and to let more people get ahold of it in an F2 seed, we also pollinated a large ghost mango.

Bushido grows to be a midsized dense Indica plant with trichomes from top to bottom just coating the plants in the last weeks. The colors can be a beautiful golden green to pinks, purples and lavenders. The flowers when dried are encrusted in a shiny armor of glandular trichome heads. The Oaktree has taken the tartness out of the recessive Ghostcut but kept the resin production and added a fruity almost raspberry taste. Effects of Bushido start out as highly cerebral and quickly stimulate appetite as well as creativity. A very enjoyable smoke throughout the day with a slight body high without the sleepy feeling.

$70 USD Donation / Tracked Priority shipping included to USA & Canada

THC / CBD                                       22.5-24.5/ 0.0        

YIELD                                                High    

SKILL                                                Beginner 

FLOWERTIME                                   8-9 weeks

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