2017 boxset collection

Omuerta Genetix has always been a leader in the craft breeder community by going that little bit further to show our appreciation and offer more to our loyal soldierz. We have made it a point to offer tested and traced lines and revise them even further to reinvigorate the genetics and pass only the BEST on to our family and friends.

Now we have stepped it up again by offering a Box set collection of our yearly strain runs. Everyone can have the opportunity to purchase Omuerta Genetix at WHOLESALE costs when they choose this option. The Box set collection holds one pack of every strain we produced for market that year (8 packs plus a tester pack in all), Vinyl Omuerta sticker, and a handwritten personalized thank you card to welcome you into the family of Soldierz.

The 2017 Omuerta Box Set includes 1 pack of each;

  • Bushido

  • Serroquel

  • Uptown Girl

  • Crosstown Traffic

  • 72 Virgins F4 IBL

  • Ronin

  • Thousand Oaks F2

  • Marijuasca

Each is a sealed breeders pack of at least 11 probiotically bred and fertile designer Cannabis seeds from our 2017 run.
Ask about our 2017 & NEW 2018 Box set collections, available now.

$300. USD Donation / Tracked Priority shipping included to USA & Canada